For December In Whatever Year

Dear self,
I want to thank you for all the things you survived this year.
For all the failures that made you learn not to settle for less.
For all the situations that made you stronger.
I want to thank you for rebuilding yourself after you get broken.
You’re stronger than I thought.

as the year comes to an end
help me draw the blinds
to all the hurt & happiness
to cold that subtly settles in grey corners,
swift fog blanketing the streets,
with each passing day.
now, allow me the comfort to simply be.
tuck my spirit in bed –
let me rest & shut the door
& bundle me up for the rainy
wake me up rested & refreshed,
when the duties of another year call

until then,

let me rest and shut the door,
to the world & its clamour.


let my existence be enough.

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I write because it releases all the ugliness that I could never say and all the beauty I can’t share in any other form or way.